How to Order

 How to order
① In case of portrait by e-mail first Please prepare your desired size and picture you will draw
Send me your photos by email attachment
② I will do the next draft and if it is okay I will start painting the painting
③ Time will be finished in 1 week in A3A4 size
A2 or signboard will be handed out from 10th to 14th until the delivery date
④ Customers abroad will take about 10 more days after shipping, so please give us grace
⑤ The process you are drawing will be uploaded by e-mail at any time
Because I will report it
Small changes are also possible
⑥ However, we can not accept cancellation after drawing it, so thank you for your consideration.
⑦ After confirming what you drew for the price
Payment will be paid on both sides
Since it takes time to draw one sheet, thank you for your consideration. 
Mail to

 For details, I will email directly to the customer who ordered
8289kamigaya Cho Nishiki Hamamatsu city Sizuoka Japan